24-Hour Rush to Fashion Week

VENERA ARAPU and Sarah Borghi Hosiery collant



IT Mens 980x120

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  I am a bit of a fool, I would say when selecting pieces to mix together. However, an experienced boutique owner once told me, “The problem of a woman, is that she thinks too much. When she does, she starts to fail.” Still those words from Benedetta Bevelacqua rang on the tip of my ears! One part of my brain disagrees, and, I’ve run hypothesis and experiments to prove her wrong. Yet, she keep winning!

But I am glad to have friends like Irina who would help me to pair colors and put a look together. Thank you sweetheart, you’re an angel! She showed me the newly arrived items and I feel a rush of blood when I saw this powdery blue coat from Sam Rone, a Parisian brand with an exceptional craftsmanship on fur. All my friends love the texture of this cotton ball fur collar and it put me on an imperial comfort and warm. I have to run off my feet to make sure the coat won’t touch the ground or get any dirt. The wool is so impeccable and pretty penny that I won’t risk it even getting a drop of rain!

Young Italian designers who will be the future of the Italian fashion like Au Jour Le Jour, Vivetta, MSGM and other pop-cultured brands are recently dominating the younger market. The lips, hands and floral prints are so catchy that it’s been taken and worn happily by the tweety bird generation. That’s a funny way to describe it, but true. Perhaps, by now not everyone of you knows about Venera Arapu, another Parisian brand that uses modern technology to produce original prints  that reflect visual zeitgeist. The late 90’s was my teenage years where pop bands and transistor radios still exist. As part of Venera’s striking ethos she photographed this portable boom box and created a statement graphics adorned with gargantuan Swarovski beads. Eventually this has become a sophisticated concept of the next fall-winter collection for the brand.

Yesterday, I was put on a hot sit when I posted an outfit proposal without stockings. That an Italian socks company noticed my blog and contacted me. I hooked-up with their PR and they sent me half a dozen of pairs to wear for the fashion week. Thanks to Sarah Borghi Hosiery, now I would no longer go to the shows without of my pantyhose! That’s a silly way to disclose it, but I am laughing while writing this!

Although my personal outfit choices may not always impress you, but I feel that they are doable and wearable. Please do remember to put an open mindedness but it does not mean I don’t encourage any kind of reaction. I would be over to the moon if you leave a honest comment or any sincere observation. Please do I would really want to listen. So you have 24-hour to prepare your outfit before the clock alarms for fashion week.  Are you ready? To be rightfully conscientious, take the advice of Benedetta because there is no such thing as preparedness. Tomorrow, it might rain or snow, so you’ll likely to change looks again. Believe me, I didn’t even had my dress rehearsal. It even took me 72 hours to make an impromptu speech! Only one piece of advice though, plan for a wardrobe contingency like bring a thermal gilet to layer in case it’s too cold or bring a ballerina to rest your feet from your stilettos! Don’t forget 24-hour starts now,tick, tack,tick,tack….


SAM RONE fall-winter 2015-2016 coat
Venera Arapu fall-winter 2015-2016 dress
Sarah Borghi Hosiery fall-winter 2015 collant
Capucine ballerina
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special thanks to:
GUFFANTI | Concept Showroom
Domingo Communication
Photos by L. Escueta
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Venera Arapu dress and Sarah Borghi Hosiery collantsarah borghi hosiery blue collantVenera Arapu dressVenera Arapu pink dress with cassette graphicsverena arapu dress editorial on the milano modesam-rone coatsam-rone light blue coatsam-rone coat blue

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