Kaos Spring – Summer 2015

kaos ss15 15


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No winter last forever and I am glad spring is around the corner!

I’ve got you some spring fever a little early and I am glad to work with a brand called Kaos.  It is a brand made in Italy that was founded sometime in the 80’s. Currently the project owner is Marco Calzolari with a talented team that creates each year more than 600 pieces for each collection, supported by a sales network in Italy and abroad. Today Kaos is a very successful brand that dresses a young, fashionable and trendy men and women. The Kaos women’s collection offers a total  glamorous look composed of coats, elegant dresses, cardigans, trousers, shirts, outerwear and accessories.  While the men’s collection offers a fashionable casual wear for every occasion. They can be found everywhere in Italy.

What I like about their spring-summer collection are the high quality fabric, the print and the wearability of each pieces. Did I told you we also filmed the models inspired by hollywood famous couple – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!  The video is quite big in size so I am still trying to figure out how to load it. But, I promise you soon enough you will see it! This project is called “The Social Love.” I would say if you know about the world of celebrities and being followed by paparazzi, right?  More likely, those are the things you’ll see on the video!

I wouldn’t credit myself for everything because this is a team effort and I would like to commend everyone for helping me out to put together this project. Big applause to the cast and crew that you’ll see in the credits down below. And yes, we did encouraged the actors/models to be on the character and wear the clothes with attitude.

I hope that keeps the excitement boiling!


All are Kaos  total looks

for female model looks you can find HERE

for male model looks you can find HERE

Abbigliamento su yoox.com CLICCA QUA

cast and crew:

LORENZA ROMA model//actress


ROSALY ESCUETA director//photographer

GILMAR TAEBAS videographer//photographer

CARYNE MAGBANUA hair//make-up artist


TEODORA KOEVA fashion assistant

kaos ss15 11kaos ss15 14kaos ss15 13kaos ss15 3kaos ss15 5Kaos Spring - Summer 2015 01kaos ss15kaos ss15 7Kaos Spring - Summer 2015 04kaos ss15 10Kaos Spring - Summer 2015 03kaos ss15 8kaos ss15 9kaos ss15 12kaos ss15 4kaos ss15 20kaos ss15 6Kaos Spring - Summer 2015kaos ss15 21Kaos Spring - Summer 2015 02kaos ss15 1kaos ss15 19kaos ss15 16

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