Editorial in My Calvin Klein

#mycalvins Kendall Jenner 3


 Sporty Coed

by Rosaly Escueta

Sporty has always been my favorite look especially in high school. If you remember the 90’s with Adidas jogging pants and sports bra? That makes me think of those skinny days. Nonetheless, the Calvin Klein sports bra has been on my wish list for a long time. I am glad I finally got it. It’s not only for work-out but also for sporty chic look, which is exactly the look we are trying to achieve for this editorial. Hope you guys like this shoot and please let me know what you think below! See you here soon!


Calvin Klein sports bra BUY
Spektre sunglasses
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Mettallica Creazioni earrings
H&M necklace
Mango jacket
Zara skirt and shoes
Photos by L. Escueta
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