Felt like an aviator with my Italia Independent sunglasses

Italia Independent Sunglasses I-METAL | Mod. 0503 black version

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 Craquelé Italia Independent

by Rosaly Escueta

Fade-in “H-1 Racer Plane” track from “The Aviator” movie and lady pilot walking. Sun was out and a drop of sweat fell to the ground. Sweet wind blowing her hair and she slides-up her sunglasses mirroring the planes. But she walks carelessly, smelling the oil spills from the aircraft engines, as if it’s the wisteria flowers of spring!

This is quite the storyline I am trying to imagine while wearing my Italia Independent sunnies. This pair of technological metal sunglasses when worn can give you that “female aviator” madness. The lenses were both mirrored and shaded. This I-Metal version has high-resilience plastic earpieces that has an inner-core to guarantee a perfect fit at all times. By experience, tight sunglasses can give you some discomfort and migraines. So, once you purchase make sure to not leave the store without it being adjusted on your eye and nose line.Fortunately, this ones doesn’t need adjustment. What I am wearing is a “Craquelé” version. This is a manually applied coating which has a tactile sensation effect like a fine leather. Alright, there you go I just spilled the beans!

If you are as obsessive-compulsive as me and if there’s one eyewear you have to buy for this season, this has got to be it. Not only because it’s made in Italy but the designs are young, modern and rockn’roll! In short, it’s badass!

I felt so free in this editorial and I hope you like it. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and leave me your thoughts. Well, it’s like writing a diary again and felt so self-contained. Being independent means writing ones own story everyday. I hope to write more beautiful and happy ones! Good morning!


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