Vladimir Gioia fur jacket

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Run this Town

by Rosaly Escueta

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This post should have been posted before. But, hey I don’t want to just store it on my archives so here I am publishing it. I guess it’s also a coincidence that today is raining and a bit cold, so , what a great way to chill with this Vladimiro Gioia fur coat I am wearing!  Well, my fourth day during fashion week was hectic running around Milan from Vivetta, Ermanno Scervino, Gabriele Colangelo, Emilio Pucci and down to the the show of Grinko. Coming soon is a video interview with Sergei Grinko, backstage after his amazing show – stick around!


Vladimiro Gioia fur coat VIEW HERE
Asos “Green Room” dress
Zara shoes
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Cartier bag

Special thanks to Gerald Galang for the photos

Vladimiro Gioia 2VIVETTA AW 2016VIVETTA Vladimiro Gioia 4ermanno scervino aw2016ermanno scervino aw2016 1Vladimiro Gioia 6GABRIELE COLANGELO AW2016GABRIELE COLANGELOjoan smalls pucci aw 2016peter dundasVladimiro Gioia 5grinko aw 2016sergei grinko Vladimiro Gioia

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