Fast and Furious

Italia Independent i-plastik mask sunglasses model 0912

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by Rosaly Escueta

Somehow I was thinking “Fast and Furious 7” scene but really thinking deep of how I can have that Ronda Rousey body?  That’s why you can see  some obvious shots of side b. It would be funny if you see that flat if the opposite b side isn’t, right?  When I was growing up I felt different because I already have a high chest, and I was thinking that’s not normal. Thanks God as years went by I’ve learned that I am not sick of anything and it’s normal. On this shoot, I was really going for a futuristic shot or an action film star with this pair of visor from Italia Independent. Alright, that’s sounds a bit off but hey it’s challenging to go into character or something. Big shoutout to the girls who commented on the last post, really appreciate your feedback. If you guys pass by again please give this post a thumbs-up by liking or sharing just to let me know you were here to say hi. Please let me know on the comments section below your thoughts about my total look? What do you think of this pair of sunnies  – is it a nay or a yay?


Italia Independent i-plastik mask sunglasses model 0912 free shipping if you (SHOP HERE)

Benetton cardigan with hood

Yamamay body

H&M leather-effect leggings

Alexander Wang x H&M leather boots

hourglass bodyitalia independent sunglasses i-plastik mask2 italia independent i-plastik mask sunglasses 2italia independent 1futuristic campaign

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