Kaos Spring-Summer 2015 Video Campaign

Summer Love

by Rosaly Escueta

Summer is always a time to find a new love or renew the past. Perhaps this time of the year is a season when you travel or the moment you go back to your old home town and discover that your young love is still there waiting for you. A pace to go back watching those old movies like “The Notebook” or “The Story of Us.”  By which you daydream about lovers laying under the haystack or finding those old love letters under your mattress. It’s always that sweet tickle inside that gives you a giggle. This video campaign for Kaos Spring-Summer 2015 was romantically conceived by me and  my talented team to bring you back to those loving memories. We thought of a famous couple always under the eye of those paparazzi lenses. That although people would think they’re living a superficial life but they’re sure that the one true thing  they’re living is the love they have for  each other. So, guys I am so proud to present to you this story. A story each of you could relate. That although regardless of who we are and what we have each one of us wants to have that true thing called  –  love!


All are Kaos  total looks

for female model looks you can find HERE

for male model looks you can find HERE

Abbigliamento su yoox.com CLICCA QUA

photos were published HERE

cast and crew:

LORENZA ROMA model//actress


ROSALY ESCUETA director//photographer

GILMAR TAEBAS videographer//photographer

CARYNE MAGBANUA hair//make-up artist


special thanks:


Sabrina  Cavalieri

Silvia Camilleri

Francesca Nava

♥Give this video a thumbs-up if you think we let you fall in love again ♥

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