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Denim Overall

by Rosaly Escueta

Levi’s has always been a part of my life from childhood and up to this time.  It has become a household name. It’s the next thing you can associate with denim. Like when I go to my grandpa’s farm, the laborer’s will tell me, “you got such a nice Levi’s!” They won’t say denim because on their vocabulary denim, jeans or trousers doesn’t really sound about right. Pretty much that’s what they heard over the radio commercial, that was like in the late 80’s. Although, with the many mediums of advertisements now, nothing had changed in the name of denim.

I’ve always fancy a nice piece of overall but I just want it to be the first-rate so as not to have a buyer’s remorse after purchasing it. I’ve known the brand for a long time that I grow-up seeing my parents wearing them, my uncles and aunts and almost my entire family’s first choice on jeans. The best thing about it is that as time goes on, the more faded and ripped it is – the better!

I’ve prepared a really quick video for you to enjoy! Give it a thumbs-up on youtube and please share it on your social medias on the buttons below. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Tell me, some of your childhood memories about jeans. What Levi’s do you have on your closet? Do you like what I am wearing?



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