A Weekend with Anna Rachele Jeans

anna rachele jeans
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Perfect Summer Lace Top

by Rosaly Escueta

Searching for the best summer lace top on shops or online can sometimes be tiring. Summer is getting humid and the scorching heat of the sun is so irritating. I don’t like to sweat (unless I work-out) if I go out at the park or have gelato with friends on a weekend. Quite honestly, this Anna Rachele Jeans lace shirt is the perfect find! Aside from it’s delicate fabric it’s so fresh on the body. I also love the name abbreviation of the brand written on the lace with embroidered beads and Swarovski.

Do you also love to wear lace top on a hot summer day? How will you style this shirt? Tell me on the comment box below, who knows your request will be published next time! Do you like this look?


Anna Rachele Jeans lace shirt HERE
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anna rachele lace top spring summer 2015ARJ

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