Nonostante Marras

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Summer Fever

by Rosaly Escueta

It’s about time to embrace outdoor. To go to the park. Lay on the grass and watch with glee the flowers, the trees and the beauty of nature. Slightly closing your eyes because of the ray of sunshine. The wonderful hum of the city birds. The desire to visit again the fountain of Castello Sforzesco. To go up the rooftop of Duomo. To feed the pigeons at the square. Or simply just to eat your favorite mint chocolate gelato and pistachio. Summer fever is back again. Perhaps with many cities or countries to visit that should be off your bucket list. Today I am wearing a summer look that you can try for a stroll downtown or at any city you’re at. I love the coolness of this cotton kaftan and the versatility of  denim and my brand new entry – Antonio Marras sandals. I first saw it on the runway and finally it’s mine. What do you think about this outfit? Any favorite piece from what I am wearing?


Antonio Marras sandals buy HERE
Sandali su
H&M white tank top
Zara kaftan
Stradivarius denim skirt

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