Kaos Autumn-Winter 2016

Kaos aw2016 2

Back to the 60’s

by Rosaly Escueta


I love telling stories. Oftentimes, I narrate a story about myself and the person I want to become. If my eyes are like a video camera, then I could have created tons and dozens of videos. It was, however,  the other day  that an idea came to  my mind. It’s about me documenting my story. The other as a photographer and the other as a blogger. Yes, it’s always my sincere intention to come-up with an authentic storyline. Which you’ll see on the video that we produced. You can also see on the photos that I always smile. 60’s is a period in time that’s retro, big eye make-up and  quirky attitude. Well, I am really going for those attributes and I hope you like what I am trying to narrate.

Such a perfect coincidence that Kaos fall-winter 2016 collection was inspired on this period and I had the chance to wear many of their must-have pieces like the burgundy body that I paired with neoprene printed midi-skirt. In which, I really like the structure and how the pockets where invisibly  placed sideways. I know that they say that you’re only as good as your last post. So, I make it a point to challenge myself to bring it to the next level and make sure that it’s relevant and inspiring.

My eyes in person look big but in reality they’re really small. Without much make-up experience, I just look into some Twiggy-inspired eyes on  pinterest and this has been my great personal achievement to create an unusual eye make-up all by myself. Let me pat my back on that. I have to tell you, I always used the same look over and over again, not that I don’t want but I am afraid to push my limits. Huh, today I was able to overpass that and went out of my comfort zone – yasss!

My other look is a denim top and geometric print palazzo trousers. This look seem so dress-down and comfy. You’ll unlikely to notice the cute detail cut on the hem of the shirt and the two pence on the breast side to make sure that the fitting is right. The silk trousers however has a fine yet warm lining inside, I think it’s one of my favorite piece.

So seat back and relax and I hope you like this short video. I hope that I could bring you back to this beautiful yesterday . . . that is the 60’s. The lovely music and the fashion but above all I hope I can let you feel the happy mood of this era, transporting your clocks back to the generation when your mom and dad will feel like they’re 16 and 17 again!

Outfit 1:                                                                                                     Outfit 2:

Kaos burgundy body                                                                                    Kaos denim shirt

Kaos printed skirt                                                                                          Kaos palazzo trousers

Metallica Creazione earrings

Zara shoes

Bulgari foulard used as headband

Cartier bag


Photos by L. Escueta

Video by Gerald Galang

Special thanks to Unique Italia PR

Sabrina Cavaliere

Silvia Camilleri

Francesca Nava

Kaos fall-winter 2016Kaos aw2016Kaos fall-winter 2016 1Kaos aw2016 5kaos aw2016 6kaos aw2016 7kaos aw2016 9kaos aw2016 4kaos aw2016 12kaos aw2016 10kaos aw2016 13kaos aw2016 11

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