Kaos AW16 Editorial: Milanese by Adoption


by Rosaly Escueta

How do you qualify yourself to be a Milanese if you’re not born in Milan? This is by true sense a topic with a grey area. That many have perhaps have not thought of tackling this discussion. Common’ let’s say it together. We call these people – Milanese by adoption. Persons not born in Milan but are living the Milanese way. I hope someone’s gonna add that to the wikipedia or on urban dictionary by captioning this article.

I am quite a lover of social realities and for once I thought this is an excellent topic for today’s editorial. Fortunately, having the right to abode in this other side of the earth is the first in line. Second, Milan being the fashion capital of the world, you get yourself in trouble shopping the latest display on the vetrines. Third, to know by heart and learn how to pronounce each Italian brands. Fourth, to be  a self-taught personal shopper who knows where to find signatured outlets and when are private sales happening. Fifth, memorized on the top of the head all the dates of vintage markets and where they are located. Sixth, in reality they save for the sales time and shop for at least one expensive bag or a pair of shoes every season. Seven, they love aperitivo with their fashion friends whom they call their second family. Eighth, they  do the “viso-viso” gesture everytime they bump a close friend and once introduced to their friend’s friend, will also become their instant friend. Ninth, they avoid to pass by Duomo because of too much tourists or too much pigeons, laughs. 10th, they love to drink coffee at the bars and buy refreshments on this mobile vending trucks which the locals call “autonegozio.” By the way, thanks to the owners of these vending cars at Corso Venezia corner Via della Spiga also at the owners in Corso Venezia corner Via Bugatti, who let us take photos.

I think these are my personal views if you want to add more please drop me a line below. For the meantime, have a Skipper!


Kaos turtleneck dress go HERE

Metallica Creazioni earrings

Dolce&Gabbana shoes


Photos by Teodora Koeva

Fashion Direction by Giorgio Gazzaniga

Special thanks to Unique Italia PR

Sabrina Cavaliere

Silvia Camilleri

Francesca Nava

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60's fashion kaos aw2016 260's fashion kaos aw201660's fashion kaos aw2016 1160's fashion kaos aw2016 1360's fashion kaos aw2016 1060's fashion

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