Rosaly Escueta x Design Digest


by Rosaly Escueta

234x60 it

Minimal style has always fascinated me. I just didn’t had the occasion to execute it. I simply cling on to colors, layering and prints over prints styling.  However, when I discovered about Design Digest a brand made in Italy  that specializes on minimal jewelries, I immediately jump into the wagon. They gave me the opportunity to  style this “Geodetica” geometric necklace, the “Tiline” and “Viline”  bracelets. Based on the images I can’t be more than satisfied to justify what I define myself as minimalism. These pieces are well-put together yet versatile , strong and edgy at the same time.  Having rare accessories in the closet like this means less stress, less distraction and less expense. But truely satisfying,  earning more time for other things to do yet having a calmer and more peaceful wardrobe! Which piece I am wearing do you like more? I’ll wait for your comments on the box below!


Design Digest more HERE

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design digest x rosaly escueta 1design digest bracelets5078_7_Compl_MAIN_IT

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