MEN’S FASHION WEEK SS16: DAY 5 Outfit & Ermanno Scervino Fashion Show

Premiata sneakers 1


by Rosaly Escueta

234x60 it


For whatever reason, I can’t always “do away” with shoes. For my over half a decade residing here in Milan, which apparently help me more on acquiring and learning more brands, I believe a got many shoes rather than dresses. I can’t explain it but I always have a small spot for beautiful shoes. Argument close.

Never again the usual sneakers, the Preamiata brand’s slogan which obviously catch my attention. There’s a thin line that connects me with this brand and I guess it’s given that I love “awe-inspiring” shoes! This pair that I am wearing will be available come this fall 2015. It’s very comfortable even for the first time I wore it, to point that sneakers will normally take a few times of wearing for it to get relaxed with my feet. Aside, the  tweed and the fringes are so hauntingly genial and attractive. Plus the platform style that can gave me extra inches in height, that makes me think of adding a prayer emoji if this is on instagram!

Today’s outfit was kind of contrary to the Ermanno Scervino Man for Spring Summer 2016. This man abandons himself in a glamorous dégagée dimension with military inspirations meet the sartorial world, resulting in unexpected combinations. On the runway I notice that they use fibers to obtain new material effects like jute, hemp, linen, cotton or paper. With presence of blazers and unstructured jackets in vintage linen, raw cut, highlight a new silhouette also, knitted sweaters decorated with floral inlay works or by wires of sequins in dusty shades. The macro houndstooth is matched with the camouflage, while the “Napoleonic” jacket becomes duvet or pea coat in hemp. The regimental stripe is the protagonist and describes geometric patterns in contrast. The Jacquard floral fabrics express lightness on denim on damask linen shirts or they are embosse in tailored suits. Details such as passementerie for brooches, scarves, macramé accents, regimental ties and motives are the twist of the collection, which I was able to have the opportunity to touch and come close at the backstage.  And for the first time got near  Mr. Scervino, with whom there are a swarming pond of press people trying to scoop an interview!

Anyway, what I am eager to hear your comments as usual. Drop me a note on the box below! Also a warm shout-out for my girl Aydita from Spain!

Sample Sale


Premiata sneakers will be sold online on fall while other sneakers are available HERE

Levi’s denim dress

Italia Independent sunglasses

Premiata sneakers

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