What pieces you should be investing for winter?

italia independent sunglasses

6 things to keep you looking chic but practical for winter

by Rosaly Escueta

It’s important to always have an objective in mind before scratching that card over the counter. Halloween is coming and the next thing you know when you wake-up Christmas is in the air! I am sure you’re all embracing the coming of winter. I have listed six things that will make your day-to-day look versatile and practical. Have a look!

  1. mirrored sunglasses – when snow falls with mirrored lenses your photos can will be more dramatic, you don’t need to bring a mirror 🙂
  2. black or grey denim shirt – buying it in dark shades to feel warmer and you can insert it inside a sweater, keep in mind you still can wear them whole year-round
  3. wool trousers – wear a pair of wool trousers to get the benefit of wearing lighter undergarments, less body-baggage better life
  4. strappy boots – you can wear them either dress-up or dress-down and save time and money, then you can show-off your fancy socks
  5. reptile bags – you don’t need to buy the real ones if your budget won’t allow it but you can buy the printed ones, but if you can buy the real crocs or python that would be a lot better!
  6. coat – buy a dark blue, black or dark brown thermal coat you can use it in any outfit and it will surely keep you warm, then you can wear a lighter top

MARC BY MARC JACOBSMARC BY MARC JACOBS boots and bagmarc jacobs bootsmarc by marc jacobs bagmarc by marc jacobs bag tri-color python printedMARC BY MARC JACOBS total lookMARC BY MARC JACOBS bootsmarc jacobs total lookMARC JACOBS boots and tri-color phyton printed baglevi's italia


Italia Independent sunglasses shop HERE

Levi’s washed denim shirt and wool trousers shop HERE

Calzedonia socks

Marc by Marc Jacobs tri-color python printed bag and strappy boots shop HERE



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