Bensimon at Pitti Uomo 2016

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Florence, Italy – Serge Bensimon, president of brand BENSIMON and inventor of the concept stores in France was  at Pitti last Wednesday, January 13 ( Pad . Cavaniglia / stand 17 ).Bensimon is a French clothing and footwear brand born in 1975.  Their iconic canvas tennis upper with white tip sole has then become known all over the world.
It’s functional and simple. Sophisticated and luxurious. Accessible and trendy. It is basic vintage but has a modern and humble legend.  Bensimon is a much more of a simple shoe but has a global appeal with French lifestyle.  I’ve become fond of this brand, since I collaborated with them HERE. I wore it myself and I really like the lightness and feel of this sneakers.  What can I say, authenthecity and lifestyle has always been the brand’s  “tour de force.” 
Calzature di marca su

Luisa via Roma (US)

bensimon ph credit pitti uomo

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