Roberto Cavalli Men’s Fall/Winter 2016

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Roberto Cavalli Fall:Winter 2016 Men's Collection Photo by Lea Colombo

What to say to your friend tomorrow when you talk about Peter Dundas’ Roberto Cavalli men’s wear F/W 2016-2017?

  1. That he is pointing into the obvious. A collection “you believe you can wear but still can fantasise about.” Ok, hold-on into your credit cards – before they go scratchy!
  2. Blueprint? Or archive-driven? You bet this is the collection Mr. Cavalli will happy about. Sorry, about the women’s wear, though!
  3. Eventually, Mr. Cavalli would soon realized that selling the brand wasn’t bad at all! He can surely watch the streaming from the comfort of his satelite tv on his island in the Maldives. Or wasn’t there any live streaming at all? I remember “No Social Media Policy.” Only to find out after a few minutes the show started, Anna Dello Russo was posting it on instagram. Did it meant that it was also auto-shared on facebook and twitter?  Or did she not pay attention on what was written on her invite?
  4. Somebody from research & marketing did the homework. Yes, sleep wear insertion is something big coming next season. That is from bed to runway, does it makes sense? Whatevah. Bravo for studying consumer appetite!
  5. I couldn’t think of anything to add, if you notice something good. Let’s just say something unusual, which everybody wants to gossip about. Drop on the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you have any particular look you want to talk about?   DONT FORGET THIS 📌.  I think you should know more, so follow my fashion week diary on instagram & snapchat: @rosalyescueta and shoot me the stars, I mean the ❤️ hearts!

Luisa via Roma (US)

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