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Luisa via Roma (US)twenty easy kaos

Once in awhile, I allow myself to be poetic. It’s my therapeutic procedure to free my mind and be creative. Today’s inspiration is an Art School Co-Ed. A young lady who loves to visit museums and a gal who appreciates art installations nestled in hidden parks. Discovering concealed beauty like that of Milan’s English Villa in Palestro. It’s gazebo situated near a small lagoon is a wonderful charmer. I somehow took advantage of the marvelous weather and in some ways this Twenty Easy jacket with tapestry fabric just  blends well with nature’s  hues. Apart from the accessories this is my favorite piece on this look. Any thoughts?

Pre-Summer Event on LUISA VIA ROMA

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LUISAVIAROMA.COM Women New Summer 2015 Collections


Twenty Easy jacket available within EU territories find your store HERE 

Giacche su

Anna Rachele chiffon blouse

Zara flare trousers

Brian Atwood shoes

Gucci sunglasses

p.s if you are on depop find me 👉🏿 @rosalyescueta – I am adding more items since I am doing my Spring cleaning, don’t forget to follow and say Hi so I can follow back ❤️twenty easy by kaos editorialanna rachele blousetwenty easy jacketbrian atwood stilettotwenty easy giacca editorialtwenty easy giacagazzebo

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